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The world in our hands

Searching for ideas that respond to the challenges we have as humanity is a commitment that moves us. The guidelines proposed by the United Nations and its  Sustainable Development Goals to 2030, provide a logical framework of work in which all of us who work for change contribute. In our team we have investigated various forms and methodologies that help us better understand the community in which we work and shape it.  projects of a social nature that are adaptable to the other territories in which we work. 

Why is social innovation moving us? 

There are various theories that speak of innovation in the social sphere. To give us a clear concept and understand the dimension of the concepts that surround it, we have adapted the bases of the International handbook on social innovation to our work.

Within its concepts we have wanted to highlight three essential points with which we identify ourselves and by which we define ourselves as social innovators by purpose:


For his idea of bringing together different points of view and disciplines to
find practical solutions to community development

Understand research as a practice in the territories where
the researcher is an active part of the proposals and solutions

The community to intervene is always taken into account for the construction of ideas
innovative solutions that respond to your needs

The community as the center

Above all, we wanted to find an answer to the dilemma of how to put the community at the center, understanding that the vast majority of the programs that reach our community do not fulfill what people want. Following this path we found the methodology with which we have been working within our community with excellent results for its responsiveness, low cost and fast to gather information, the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development), or Asset Based Community Development.  

When talking about assets, the community is put at the center, not looking at it from its deficiencies or problems, but from what they have and that can be empowered. There are physical, organizational, economic and cultural assets, but without a doubt, the essential ones, the people with their knowledge and skills. The result of our work is what we call ¨ community asset mapping ¨.

Physical assets

Assets of people

Cultural assets

Economic assets

Organizational assets


ecosistema 1.jpg


The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals find their place in the document CONPES 3918 of 2017, the National Development Plan Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity 2019-2022, and will be duly included and mainstreamed in the Departmental Development Plan United 2020-2023 and the future Medellín Government Plan 2020 - 2023. The program (Education, Art and Culture for commune 13) will be governed by the guidelines proposed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and international guidelines for the proper construction and measurement of social impact indicators.


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