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Educational tourism in Comuna 13

Commune 13 has a series of peculiarities that make it interesting for learning and generating new ideas. The first thing is your historical importance for the Colombian armed conflict. Through history you can understand the different actors, and most importantly, you are at the center of one of the most victimized communities. Second, we have the issue of urban transformation of the city with big bets such as the library parks, the university citadel, the software valley center, the cable metro, the UVAs and the escalators. And thirdly, the impact of tourist activity in the Las Independencias neighborhood, with its positive and negative effects on the community. 


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The most important capital of Comuna 13 is its socio-cultural capital. The fact that landscapes that were branded as garbage dumps, violent, dangerous, are now a reason for admiration, shows that the sense of the community with its ideas of organization and progress is dazzling . A history of war is now a history of symbol resilience worldwide. The possibility of living to tell the lived history and the dignity that tourism brings is priceless. This is why each interaction with our territory generates something we call sociocultural empathy. 


Each of the experiences start from an objective that is the analysis of the positive and negative impact under three lines:


Analysis  of the environmental challenges facing the community. Issues such as the noise caused by tourist activity, the lack of public garbage points, but also initiatives such as community gardens and art based on recycling are some of the aspects to take into account. 


Analysis of culture with its historical aspect,  organization and decision making. Cultural evolution due to the arrival of tourism, hip-hop as the highest cultural expression and the dynamics of daily life give us a context to devise ways to maintain the past and integrate it with a present that calls for innovation. 


Analysis of the economic dynamics of the territory with the activity of tourism in the center, the different businesses that are part of the tradition such as textile workshops and neighborhood trade are part of what we put into discussion. 


Step 1:
base line

With each group of participants, a baseline is defined that will be the objective of each experience. Each group has its peculiarity of study or area of work within an organization. For the definition, an online session is convened where, through brainstorming, the approach of the visit to the territory is specified following the guidelines proposed in impact tourism. 

Step 2:
reconnaissance visit

Four-hour visit to Comuna 13 where we activate all the senses. The observation of the murals and the dance shows; listen to the stories and lyrics of the singing shows; try the flavors of some of the enterprises; It is the material with which we will focus on a final activity that invites the participants to express, through the color and symbolism of the drawing, what their feelings are from the route. After a group reflection, we finish with the approach of the question with which they will be able to work later and which will be their contribution to the idea of how we manage to reduce the positive impacts and scale the positive ones. 

Step 3

The final step is the feedback that starts from the question raised in the reconnaissance visit where the team can share their ideas and possible actions that as a community and foundation we can carry out. For the study groups, the opportunity remains open to continue co-creating and exploring the results. 



We are in the process to belong as a foundation and as a community to Tourism for the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the UNWTO. 


Everything is possible thanks to you. 

WhatsApp: +573135288892
Las Independencias neighborhood, Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia
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